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Episode 12 – Evil Is Going On

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SEASON 3 FINALE OF TRUE BLOOD IS HERE… and we have lots of huge questions that are going to be answered. Is Eric going to go up in flames with Russell? Do you think Jason will make it through the panthers’ fight against the DEA? Will Sookie be able to accept her vamps apology for using her blood in for their own selfish plans?

Click HERE To Start Watching Episode 12 – Evil Is Going On

8 Responses to “Episode 12 – Evil Is Going On”

  1. Amerilstones says:

    I hate that we have to wait another week for the finale ep :( . Cant help it , it was the same thing last year . Still cant get pass press start , all that come´s up is downlode .. since three weeks´s back . Anyone else having problem i recemend to google to find another site . I have and found a great site that work´s , tv-duck . com . Think that site also have the ep´s up before this site .

    Ps : you still have the wrong name for ep 2 of s 3 it´s called ” Beautifully Broken ” AB have change the name . You are like the last site with that name . I know i have bugged you about it , cant help it . It´s anoying when you do have ( or had ) a awesome site . Cant thank you enough for having it !

  2. belanna says:

    yes i am having the same problem, i will probably go ome where else then!!

  3. belanna says:

    yes i ma having the same problem!!!

  4. sleepymum says:

    I have had so many problems with watching the last few episodes. All of the sites have been served infringement notices. Watching it streaming is hardly the best, I always BUY the dvds anyway. HBO aren’t losing any money from me! TVDuck is no good anymore and I won’t do those stupid quizzes at so many other sites. Sidereel used to be ok but can’t get it for episode 12. aghhhh so frustrated!

  5. lashonda says:

    i can not get pass press start as well i believe this is a scam

  6. jossan says:

    when does the 4th season comes out!? :D

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